wpincludes l10n php on line 334

  • wp includes l10n php WordPress Developer Resources Function Gets the path to a translation file in the languages directory for the current locale Source wp includes l10n php 899 Used by 1 function Uses 3
  • Plesk Windows open basedir restriction in effect Plesk Forum Mar 13 2012 Hi When i try upload a file using php i receive this error Warning C InetpubvhostsMYCLIENTSITEdocswp includesl10n php 334 in C InetpubvhostsMYCLIENTSITEdocswp includespluggable php on line 897
  • WordPress l10n php at master · WordPress WordPress · GitHub 1376 lines 1236 sloc 43 1 KB Filters the locale ID of the WordPress installation since 1 5 0 This filter is documented in wp includes l10n php
  • wp includes gt pluggable php source PHPXref 0 7 1 WordPress l10n php 14 15 Some WordPress functionality is based on the current user and not based on 16 the signed in user 333 sitename strtolower SERVER 39 SERVER NAME 39 334 if substr sitename 0 4 39 This filter is documented in wp includes pluggable php 366 do action 39 wp mail failed 39
  • PHP Cross Reference WordPress Source wp includes script Source wp includes script loader php 1338 lines 64131 bytes Summary Text Print Description WordPress scripts and styles default loader false 1 333 334 scripts gt add 39 revisions 39 quot wp admin js revisions suffix js quot array 39 l10n 39 quot wp admin css l10n suffix css quot 816 817 styles gt add 39 wp admin 39 false
  • wp includes l10n php Page 2 WordPress Developer Resources Function Translate string with gettext context and escapes it for safe use in HTML output Source wp includes l10n php 339 Used by 0 functions Uses 2
  • wp print revision templates Function WordPress Developer File wp admin includes revision php lt input class quot button quot type quot button quot value quot lt php echo esc attr x 39 Previous 39 wp includes l10n php esc html e